Tar and Chipping Galway

Galway Tar and Chip

FCD Driveways are a 4th generation tar and chip contractor in Galway. We have been delivering high quality driveways in Galway for over 40 years. With an oustanding reputation and a long list of previous clients who are all more than happy to recommend us. All our quotations are free and we use only the best materials on the market.

Our experience in the industry combined with us owning all our own machinary means you will be getting not only a top quality tar & chip contractor but one that has built its reputation around being reliable and delivering every tar & chip driveway on time and on budget in Galway.

Tar and Chipping Galway

FCD Driveways is a leading contractor for tar and chipping in Galway. For a tar and chipping finish hot tar is applied to a solid roadstone base, stone chips are thrown on top of the tar while it is still piping hot so that they can stick to the tar. After the stone chips are laid on top of the tar a 5 tonne roller is used to compact them in firmly. The customer can choose from a variety of different stones and stone colours to achieve the look they desire that is most suitable for their home. There are a variety of chipping sizes to choose from: 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 20mm, 28mm in all colours.

Quality Tar and Chip Driveways in Galway

Tar and Chip driveways are a great alternative for any client looking to add a beautiful new finish to a driveway. It has a coarse finish, hard wearing, looks great all year around and is a great low cost option when you compare it with block paving in Galway.

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