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FCD Driveways are a 4th generation gravel driveway contractor in Cork. We have been delivering high quality gravel and stone driveways in Cork for over 40 years.

Our experience in the industry combined with us owning all our own machinary means you will be getting not only a top quality gravel contractor but one that has built its reputation around being reliable and delivering every gravel driveway on time and on budget.


Gravel or as commonly referred to stone or shingle driveways, is a great way of doing any driveway. It can be a inexpensive solution when compared to paving while still delivering a beautiful and serviceable driveway to any home in Cork.

It is often used on larger areas where the cost of paving or tarmac would be increased substantially. On larger driveway areas in Cork, the price difference between gravel and other surfaces can be significant.


We only source the gravel from suppliers that have a proven record in providing high quality gravel. This is to ensure that the gravel is not only inherently strong but that the colour stays vibrant through the years.

There is a large variety of colours and sizes available. We recommend using a larger gravel stone size for heavy vehicular areas compared with the smaller size which is more suitable for walk areas.

We can help you choose the right size and colour for your property. We often combine gravel with paving to give it a unique look and to naturally barrier in the gravel stone.

In front of houses, paving can be used to keep the gravel from the house. In Cork, we often install paving aprons to the entrance of a gravel driveway to give it a welcome and inviting look. Make sure to check out our gallery to get some more ideas for your own gravel driveway in Cork.

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