Gravel Surfaces Gallery Limerick

Here is some of the gravel driveway and patio work that we have undertaken in and around the Co. Limerick area. We would be more than delighted to give you a personal walk through of all the work that we have done in the area if you are looking to get a feel for all the different styles, colours and sizes of gravel available. Our references go back over 30 years as a gravel driveway contractor for Limerick.

Gravel while being an inexpensive option is also a really great versatile surface. Over the years, we have adopted various methods of installing gravel driveways. We have combined it with paving, tarmac and even concrete. It can have its own unique borders and even patterns inlaid in parts on the driveway. The colours and shades of colours are endless. The combinations can really be beautiful and make any driveway in Limerick stand out.

We hope you like the work and if you are interested in a free quotation, please call us on 061 574897 or 087 912 0920. We aim to deliver high quality gravel driveways in Limerick, each and every time.


CALL: 061 574897 or 087 912 0920


Dock Road, Limerick, Co.Limerick

Phone: 061 574897

Mobile: 087 912 0920

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